CC Condenser

The patented CC Condenser (Counter Current Condenser) is designed for good heat transfer, small pressure drop and low pressure working conditions. The body of CC Condenser is split into two compartments: one in the middle of the body and the other one outside the inner compartment.

CC Condenser consists of two compartments. In the inner compartment the cooling water flows upwards inside the tube and the vapor flows downwards outside the tube. In the outer compartment the flow directions are vice versa compared to the inner compartment. This way the complete counter current flows are achieved in both compartments, and methanol rich foul condensate in small volume is taken out form the inner compartment of CC Condenser.

Due to excellent heat transfer and therefore minimum number of tubes required, a lot of empty space between the tubes could be left without extra weight and extra costs. The empty space allows the operation of CC Condenser in low pressure which results in large total temperature difference over the entire evaporation train and exceptional high evaporation capacity.





  • Complete counter current flow arrangement
  • Low condensing temperature possible due to special design
  • Efficient secondary condensate segregation