Rinheat TMP / CTMP Heat Recovery

Rinheat has supplied over 80 heat recovery units for Thermo Mechanical Pulping (TMP) mills all over the world.

The steam generated in the refiners is utilized to generate clean steam with the help of Rinheat Reboiler. The pressure difference between condensing dirty steam and generated clean steam is normally 0,5 bar and clean steam yield 95 %.


  • High availability due to proven construction
  • High turn-down ratio 0 - 100 %
  • Low pressure dop
  • Tolerances up to 1 % of fiber in the refiner steam

Key features

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Buil-in droplet separator
  • Tube side washing possible during operation


  • Pressurized surface condenser for heat recovery into hot water
  • Combined spray condenser and scrubber for atmospheric heat recovery
  • Booster fan or compressor for higher clean steam pressure
  • Turpentine recovery unit to decrease VOC emissions



3R reboiler