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Rinheat Oy is a Finnish machinery supplier. Our main products are evaporation plants and heat recovery systems for pulp and paper industry. Since the establishment in 1986 the company has delivered more than 80 heat recovery systems for TMP and CTMP plants all over the world; more than any other supplier.

During the past 15 years evaporation plants for Chemi Thermo Mechanical Pulp (CTMP) and chemical pulp mills have become the core business of the company. Based on the experience from the performance of the heat recovery plants Rinheat has successfully developed evaporation plant technology for energy and chemical recovery from CTMP and NSSC waste liquors as well as from black liquor.

The latest achievement of the development is a complete set of patented evaporators and surface condensers: OT Condenser, CS Evaporator and CC Condenser for black liquor evaporation plants. The benefits of Rinheat technology are as follows:

  • Low investment costs  
  • Low energy consumption
  • Trouble free operation without plugging
  • Excellent secondary condensate quality

Rinheat is working on global markets and the scope of the delivery can be any option from pure machinery delivery to complete turnkey supply. The success of the company is based on good process understanding, comprehensive development work and good collaboration with experienced subcontractors for detail engineering, fabrication, expediting and erection.

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