The patented tube type falling film CS Evaporator (Condensate Stripping Evaporator) is designed for good heat transfer, low pressure drops and high secondary condensate quality. The good heat transfer is made by counter current flows when the liquor goes downwards inside the tubes and steam upwards outside the tubes.

In addition the patented grid baffle construction allows to maintain optimal steam velocity throughout the entire evaporator body making the heat transfer through the tube wall even more efficient. Condensates flow freely on tubes in contact with upwards flowing vapor. This results in excellent secondary condensate segregation in methanol rich foul condensate and good quality secondary condensate.

Due to the small pressure drop in the grid baffle construction, CS Evaporator technology creates a lot of opportunities for capacity increases at the existing evaporation plants.





  • Complete counter current flow
  • Built-in desuperheater for vapor
  • Excellent secondary condensate segregation