OT Concentrator

The patented tube type falling film OT Concentrator (Outside Tube Concentrator) is designed to perform without plugging, having liquor outside the tubes and steam inside the tubes. OT Concentrator consists of four separate tube bundles allowing use of steam at different pressures in the same concentrator body. 

The good heat transfer is achieved by excellent liquor distribution on the tubes from the distribution plate above and introducing the steam into the tubes at the bottom. This results in complete counter current flow and desuperheating. In order to minimize any kind of scaling the bottom tube sheets are inclined to prevent any gathering of crystals on the tube sheet. If necessary, both sides of the heating surfaces can be washed.

If any inspection is required or any mechanical failure takes place, man can go inside for checking and fixing without any disassemble of the fixed constructions of the body. This is possible because there is an open space with platforms and ladders in the middle of OT Concentrator.




  • Non-plugging
  • Steam at different pressures can be used
  • Built-in desuperheater for steam
  • Both sides can be washed